Knights of Columbus - Council 9210
Our Lady of the Pillar ~ Nuestra Señora del Pilar 

Program Overview

Our Lady of the Pillar

Confirmation Preparation

Patti and Fred Durate, Program Coordinators


At Our Lady of the Pillar Parish we are commented to provide well-rounded preparation for Confirmation that will encourages Catholic youth to celebrate Christian living and more fully participate in our Catholic community, and be active witnesses to their faith.


Our Confirmation I & Confirmation II Preparation classes are designed to incorporate the teachings of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The Catechism is divided into four main parts, and has one essential goal to communicate:

“The whole concern of doctrine and its teaching
must be directed to the love that never ends.”
(CCC #15)


There are four main parts in the Catechism of the Catholic Church:

1.      Profession of Faith - the essentials of our faith based on Scripture & Doctrine

2.      Celebration of the Christian Mystery - celebrating liturgy and the sacraments

3.      Life in Christ - loving and serving our community

4.      Christian Prayer - loving and serving God



At the completion of the Confirmation I & II preparation the candidate will:


Sacred Scripture: Understand Sacred Scripture as God’s Word speaking to them.

a. Locate any chapter and verse of the Bible upon request

b. Identify five literary forms used in the Bible and explain the value of using
    these various literary forms to deliver God’s message to His people

c. Describe how the Bible is a collection of many books describing the history
    of salvation written under God’s inspiration

d. Describe how selected Sunday readings apply to his/her life


Doctrine: Know and understand the basic teachings of the Church
                   and how they apply to their lives.

a. Explain that “faith” is our lifetime response to God, who reveals Himself to us

b. Explain that the word “creed” means a pledge of belief

c. Describe how “grace” received through the sacraments strengthens us to grow
    in holiness and to live life with greater peace, love, and compassion.


Sacraments: Know and appreciate the centrality of the Eucharist
                         and importance of the Sacraments in the life of Catholics.

a. Identify that the Mass is a celebration of the paschal mystery which has
    five movements or sections:

   i.      Introductory Rites,
  ii.      Liturgy of the Word, 
  iii.      Liturgy of the Eucharist,

 iv.      Communion Rite, and

  v.      Concluding Rite

b. Identify a sign for each Sacrament and describe what each Sacrament celebrates:

   i.       Baptism: Water, Candle, White Garment, Chrism & Catechumen

  ii.      Confirmation: Oil of Chrism & Bishop Laying of Hands

 iii.      Eucharist: Bread and Wine

 iv.      Reconciliation: Keys & Purple Stole

  v.      Anointing of the Sick: Oil of the Sick

 vi.      Holy Orders: Laying of Hands
vii.      Matrimony: Rings

c. Explain the rituals and symbols associated with the liturgical seasons:

    i.      Advent

  ii.      Christmas

 iii.      Lent

 iv.      Easter Triduum

  v.      Easter Season

 vi.      Ordinary Time


Community: Understand the role of the faith community (the Catholic Church) into which they have been baptized and through which they grow in faith to mature discipleship and know what it means to have membership in the local, universal Catholic Church.

a. Describe the contributions of laity, religious, and ordained members of the Church

b. Discuss strategies for dealing with thoughts and actions that are in conflict with
    Church teachings

c. Identify ways he/she can be involved in appropriate Catholic responses to situations
    of social injustice within his/her community

d. Explain his/her responsibility to call others to know, love, and understand Jesus

e. Discuss the consequences of sin in the larger global community


Service: Engage in service to and exercise responsible stewardship for the various communities to which they belong: family, school, parish, civic, national, and globally.

a. Discuss service to neighbor in light of one’s discernment of his/her gifts

b. Participate in parish service programs such as St. Vincent de Paul, Relay for Life,
    liturgical ministries, etc. (If there is no parish program, consider starting one!)

c. Report on current service projects and how the service demonstrates love and
    care for others

d. Describe what participation in service projects has taught him/her

e. Minister to the needs of peers in a manner appropriate to talents and gifts


Prayer: Experience and appreciate a variety of prayer forms
               in addition to the prayer of the Sacraments.

a. Take leadership roles in preparing and directing a communal prayer service or liturgy

b. Evaluate his/her practice of personal prayer and describe the changes that will
    strengthen his/her prayer life

c. Discuss how perseverance in prayer is a necessity for Christian life


Spirituality: Know how to develop a personal relationship with God.

a. Regularly practice an examination of conscience

b. Set aside personal time for prayer

c. Discuss literature and/or music that has a spiritual message

d. Suggest experiences in people’s lives that could be celebrated through some ritual
    that honors the sacredness of the occasion (birth, family reunion, moving into a new
    home, recovery from illness, travel)




Every candidate will be encouraged to discern his or her gifts, and use those gifts for the benefit of the community in different ministries. We will provide multiple opportunities throughout the Confirmation program for the candidate to serve the community under the guidance of adult ministers.

• Assisting with St. Vincent de Paul Open House/Food pantry

• Christmas caroling at local nursing homes

• Participating in liturgical ministries

• Visiting the homebound

• Assisting with Eagle Scout projects

• Feeding the hungry

• Aiding the sick (Relay for Life/Race for the Cure)

• Many, many others! 


Confirmation Candidate Commitment:

Attend and participate fully in classes and activities

Keep all electronic devices out of class and other confirmation activities

Eliminate all inappropriate language both in and out of class

Attend Mass every Sunday and holy day of obligation

Receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation & the Eucharist

Pray daily, alone and with your family


Parent Commitment:

Ensure your child attends scheduled Confirmation classes

Eliminate all inappropriate language from activities

Attend Mass on every Sunday and holy day of obligation

Receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation & the Eucharist

Pray daily, alone and with your family